A lion among ladies…

…is a most dreadful thing – William Shakespeare


Lionfish… Beautiful… Graceful… Majestic… 

Invasive Species…

What does this mean?

The introduction of invasive species can have a dramatic effect on natural resources, human health, and economy. When non-native species are introduced into an ecosystem in which they did not evolve their populations sometimes explode in numbers. The reason for this is that in a natural or native community, species evolve together into an ecosystem with many checks and balances that limit the population growth of any one species. These checks and balances include such things as: predators, herbivores, diseases, parasites, other organisms competing for the same resources and limiting environmental factors. These checks and balances form the complex web of life that makes up an ecosystem and in which a native species competes for survival. However, when an organism is introduced into an ecosystem in which it did not evolve naturally, it no longer has those limits and its numbers can sometimes dramatically increase. Source U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

So now many divers in affected areas take on an environmental responsibility to help reduce or at least slow down the invasion.



Using a short bungee powered hand spear called ‘Lionfish Tamer’ it makes it easy for divers to have a positive effect on Lionfish populations.



Many recipes are available for Lionfish. You can find some here along with lots more information about Lionfish as an invasive species.

It sounds harsh… but they are having a devastating effect on other eco systems!


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